• Complete solution for developers
  • 100% supervision of brokers and real estate agencies
  • Evaluation of sales in real time according to many parameters
  • Creating documents with the click of a mouse
  • Connection to the real estate servers and your own web presentation
  • Netreal is your business partner
  • Free demo version (set for your project)

Modern times require an effective automated solution – Netreal’s web based system will give you an advantage over other systems.

Minimizes the administrative burden and increases your company's
efficiency. The whole process of selling the project is managed
by the vendor while you have all the necessary
information available at all times.

Thanks to the extensive system of rights, we are able to set personal user permissions to individual modules, determining whether
the user can edit or only view an item.

The sale process – All that Netreal solves with a click of a mouse

General functions:

  • evidence of offered items and their management
  • management of the business case from A to Z
  • on-line connection to the web presentation
  • discount module - setting discounts and events - all linked to the web and real estate portals
  • economic outcomes - cash flow
  • user's history tracking